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Delivering integrated solutions to today’s challenges, resulting in buildings which are simple, efficient, purposeful and beautiful.

Delivering integrated solutions to today’s challenges, resulting in buildings which are simple, efficient, purposeful and beautiful.

We are a global, design-led architecture practice at the heart of Arup, with access to its unparalleled range of professional expertise in every facet of the built environment. 

We produce integrated and thoughtful architecture, resulting in buildings whose simplicity, efficiency, purpose and beauty fully realise our clients’ ambitions.

For over fifty years Arup has operated an architecture practice, believing that architecture and engineering are best achieved in close collaboration, two parts of a seamless creative process. This multidisciplinary ethos means we can help our clients meet their objectives and produce more sustainable, flexible and intelligent buildings.


Lead Architecture

As lead architects, we employ a highly creative process, informed by our experience in an ever expanding number of parallel disciplines and sectors. We question old assumptions. We help our clients to produce designs that represent the best long-term value for their users.

Technical specialist architecture

mg真人游戏Arup has a global reputation for producing the high-performance, technically rigorous architecture that underpins the transport interchanges, sports facilities and data infrastructure the modern world increasingly depends upon. We use the latest data-driven tools to shape buildings whose design is human through and though. And we never forget that our work will be used by millions daily, and must always meet the highest standards of sustainability, safety and energy performance. 

mg真人游戏Below are our best examples across the different industries where we operate:

Commercial mg真人游戏

Broadgate Circle

mg真人游戏The Broadgate Estate is located in the north east corner of the City of London. This frenetic and active environment is complemented by the regenerated Circle which is now a bustling place for people gathering and social interaction.

Science and Industry

Sky Studios

Sky Studios houses recording, post production and transmission facilities for Sky’s broadcast and sports news departments, including eight state-of-the-art, naturally-ventilated studios, naturally-ventilated offices and free-cooled data rooms. The architecture of the building dramatically expresses the integrated and world-leading sustainable technology.


Cityringen Metro

mg真人游戏The Cityringen will enhance the performance of Copenhagen’s award-winning metro by introducing 17 new underground rail stations connecting key areas of the capital. Arup led the architectural design team and designed most of the fixtures within the 17 new stations, developing a state-of-the-art solution for a project that has already won a clutch of international awards.


King Abdullah Sports City

mg真人游戏The King Abdullah Sports City Stadium in Saudi Arabia combines traditional Islamic architecture with innovative design to form a highly functional, sustainable and flexible building. The 10,000-seat indoor arena is the largest of its type in the country and is designed to be used at all levels up to international competition, as well as for training.

Collaborative to the core

Our culture has been collaborative from the start. Our founder, Sir Ove Arup was motivated by the idea of ‘Total Architecture’, where all relevant design decisions are considered together. In the twenty-first century it means our architects see their work as an ever-widening conversation, producing buildings that relate intuitively to the world they join.

Demand for our architecture services continues to increase worldwide. That’s why, in 2018, we have changed from ‘Arup Associates’ to the simpler, more global Arup architecture. Nothing but the name is changed.